Chiang Mai Nightlife

In this ultimate showdown we will take a good look at just two of Thailand's leading cities. Yes, it is Bangkok Vs Pattaya. There may be so much said about both of these cities, as they are heavily visited by tourist every year. I truly enjoy both cities and recommend them both. But I have to admit that Bangkok has some benefit over Pattaya sometimes. And the reverse is true as well; occasionally I prefer Pattaya.

In this guide I wanted to perform a comprehensive comparison. I wished to make it easy for everybody to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each city, and which city has an advantage in certain categories.

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Many people would love to be aware of the difference in prices between the towns. I will tell you right now that Bangkok is more expensive than Pattaya. Bangkok is a the capital city with the most population. It is the business market of the entire nation. There are many multinational firms there.

This means that generally demand is greater in the current market, and costs are higher. This can be true for restaurants, hotels, bars, girls, drinks. Especially from the tourist areas like Sukhumvit Road and also the red light districts. The interesting thing about Bangkok is that it may be very cheap as soon as you go outside the tourist areas. So Keep this mind, if you explore you'll discover fantastic deals on everything.

In Pattaya costs are usually cheaper. Especially in the event that you go away from the Walking Road and Beach Road areas. Pattaya is more of a shore town than a business city. And although a lot of people see Pattaya each calendar year, it's still less developed as Bangkok. So prices are cheaper than Bangkok. The only place where Pattaya is exactly like Bangkok are the go go bars in walking road. They have the identical bar good price as Bangkok, and perhaps even more at times.


A fantastic thing about both cities is that the number of women and the quality. Pattaya has million upon thousands women working in the sex market. From beer bars to internet girls. There is a huge quantity and it is very simple to find a cute Thai chick to keep you company. The thing about Pattaya is that there are not too many "normal' girls. Not like you can find with Bangkok girls.

Remember Bangkok isn't merely a tourist destination, but it is a huge metropolitan city. If you would like to meet more normal girls then Bangkok is likely better for you. You will discover lots of women in the malls, offices, subways, and restaurants and night clubs.

Bangkok has a greater population of women. So naturally this also means that there are usually hotter girls in Bangkok. This is of course subjective as both cities have really hot girls. But due to the big city, you'll discover a higher average of great looking girls. Both from the sex business and ordinary scenarios.

Bangkok also has a huge online dating and freelancer scene. Pattaya also has lots of girls online.

This one is a very hard comparison as both towns have amazing girls. But I must select Bangkok here.

Benefits of Obtaining Around

Pattaya has the "baht bus", also referred to as the Songteow. It's a pickup truck like vehicle with chairs at the trunk. It can pick up riders moving along the exact same destination. They're all over the place in Pattaya, along popular routes.

There are also hundreds or maybe thousands of bike taxis available to get you about reasonably good prices. Because of Pattaya being smaller, as well as less traffic compared to Bangkok, it's easier to get around. Frequently you are able to walk into a destination.

Bangkok includes the Subway and BTS Skytrain system. It also has tons of taxis around, including motorbike taxis. The one major issue with Bangkok is the traffic. It can become so busy sometimes which you can get to your destination faster by walking. Another thing about Bangkok is the size of the city. Sometimes where you would like to go isn't that near by.

Both towns have good cheap transportation choices.

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