Explainer Video

An "explainer movie" is a brief video that gives you an introduction to a summary of a subject.

An explainer movie is a short animated movie that focuses on describing a business idea in an easy, engaging and persuasive manner, by using a clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer's interest. It's both informational and educational, generally it explains exactly what the business offers, how it can assist the consumers with their difficulty and why that product/service is the ideal option in the market.


What makes these videos different from any other marketing video? Check their main characteristics out!

- Short: explainer videos are short and quite straightforward (no longer than 90 seconds on average).

- simple: they pass a very simple and clear message by obeying the classical story structure of "what", "how" and "why".

- Determined by the target audience and their issues: these types of videos are created to meet with the target audience's needs, so as to make them feel identified with the organization's proposal.

- High quality: to get the best marketing outcomes, these videos need to have the best quality in order to make the company stick out from the contest.

- Animated characters: explainer videos normally utilize animated characters to provide an enjoyable touch which creates a strong connection with the target market.

- Branding colors: they generally use the look & feel of their brand's identity in order to spawn solid brand recognition.

- Music: explainer movies have music and sound effects which set the mood to tell a particular story and help increase engagement.

- Expert voice-over: All these videos are also featured with a professional voiceover artist that reveal what's being shown on screen.

Benefits Of A Explainer Video

Now that we understand what an explainer movie is and what their most important characteristics are, the question is: how can it help you promote your company? We have compiled 4 great benefits they need for improving your advertising strategy. Check them out!

1: Describe your business idea in just a matter of moments - Explainer videos are excellent to explain your business idea in just a couple seconds, they function perfectly to immediately catch your audience's attention. By putting an explainer video above the fold in your homepage, you could increase the average visit time by 2 minutes!

2: Boost your online visibility - Hence, if you make your visitors stay longer in your webpage, it is widely valued by Google (or any other search engine), contemplating it of curiosity and will rank it higher. Additionally, video content gives you the chance to be on YouTube, the 2nd largest engine and the 3rd largest social networking site on the web.

3: Increase conversions - Explainer movies are extremely catchy, attractive and compelling, and they invite people to keep on watching. People may understand exactly what you do in a fast, easy, informative and fun manner. This is very important to begin growing your conversion rates. Just for you to have a notion, an explainer video may increase conversions by 20 percent normally!

4. Build brand awareness - If you apply the colours of your brand to the landscape and background of your movie, the audiences will know that your organization is your one behind that proposal. Furthermore, if you personalize the characters of this movie based on your target audience's personality, look, era, etc. you'll create a strong emotional bond with them. All this really helps a lot to build brand awareness and induce confidence towards your organization.

Consequently, if you consider the main features of those videos, you can see that they may help you through each stage of their sales funnel: awareness, consideration and conclusion. Everything depends on the message you would like to transmit and what kind of "activity" you want to generate from your target audience. Don't miss the opportunity to utilize such a fantastic cost-effective advertising tool!

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