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You should be well aware that your iPhone really is. But do you know all the secrets that your iPhone holds? The following tips will help you make better use of your iPhone.

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Make sure you update your phone when ever updates are available. This means that your phone.

You can take pictures with your headphone cord on the iPhone. Press the button located on the headphone cord when you are ready.This will help to avoid any movement of the phone and decrease the chances for a blurry picture.

Say that you are surfing for a nearby dry cleaner. When locating the number, you don't have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just tap on their number and you will be instantly connected to the business immediately.

You can take a screenshot with your phone. Simply press the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously when you at the screen you want an image of. Your screenshot is saved when your screen turns white momentarily.

It is possible to create an app from any of your favorite websites. Tap "Go" once you access the site loaded in your browser. This gives you the option to add this site to your home screen.

Are you would like to use in messages? You will get a box appear that shows you several more keys. You can then be able to type as many fancy symbols as you want.

This feature allows you to see your emails immediately. You can have one or various email accounts hooked up to your iPhone.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accented letters you wish to include in your messages? You will see a box that has several extra keys. You can use as many fancy letters to your heart's content!

Your iPhone can take a picture without you having to worry about shaking it. Just use the volume control that is on the headphones. Start by steadying your hand on the subject you wish to capture.

SPYERA review

An iPhone is a very special piece of technology, but works best when you know how to use all its features. This article can give you some tricks to become an iPhone expert so that you can enjoy it more. Enjoy!